Offbeat Things to do in & Around Manali

Offbeat Things to do in & Around Manali

Tired of the usual sightseeing points? Those monotonous hotel stays ? & those regular Punjabi food? Then think of doing what others missed out while being in Manali.

Ditch the Hotel Room: Stay in Tent

If staying in a piece of concrete walls with that home like stay is not what you are looking for, Then book a tent in a riverside camp & enjoy that cozy campfire in the freezing evenings. Not only will it give you an experience of living close to nature but will also thrill you with adventure activities happening around.



Take a Trek in Pin Parvati Valley.

With amazing trekking trails in its nest, Pin Parvati Valley provides for a number of treks like Hampta PassBhrigu Lake, Sar Pass, Deo Tibba etc. You will get to witness the surreal world around you once you are hitting one of these peaks.

Calm your Mind and Soul in Natural Sulphur springs

Why do we head towards mountains leaving all the hustle bustle of our city lives? To destress ourselves? To rejuvenate our souls? But what if this relieving session comes with healing properties as well? Sounds great? Then a visit to Natural Sulphur Springs amidst the high held mountains and tall trees is worth it and is no less than a 5 Star Jacuzzi Experience with that hot yellow Sulphur water in a pool. There are a lot of such springs on the way to Manali from 16 Miles. Some are paid and some are free. Give it a try.


Kasol: Mini Israel.

When serenity meets the culture of the west, When “Jai Baba Bholenath” is all around, When you find tattoo shops everywhere and When you get that Vanilla fragrance of bakers all over the town; You are in Kasol. That’s the place where you find a lot of foreigners enjoying and relaxing in their own ways. Its famous for its weed plants, parties, and hippy culture.





These are weed leaves that can be seen everywhere in kasol.

Waterfalls, waterfalls, and waterfalls

Mountains without waterfalls are not seen in Manali. You look in any direction, you will find a white stream of water piercing through the massive rocks.

One of them is JANA Falls (11 km from Manali), Experience the Himachali cuisine while soaking your feet in the water of this magnificent fall.



Then we approached towards an Anonymous waterfall, A small trek to a fall which is said to have supplied water to nearby villages was an experience beyond words. No path, No defined trail, Just the sound of splashing water and birds chirping in woods. Passing through the strawberry farms, stealing those fresh and red strawberries, gulping without washing them and Drinking the water straight from the falls is something that you don’t do every day.

Hire a Bike and explore

Don’t like waiting for autos and cabs? Hire a bike, put on your backpack and explore the town. Riding through the narrow lanes of Manali, looking at the sunset in the valley and visiting nearby areas is a different yet exciting idea.


River Crossing

If you love doing things that not everyone does then River crossing is for you. Tied to a rope, sent in the middle of fiercely flowing freezing water of Beas river on a pulley, when you are half in the water and swinging all the way; is a moment of getting Goosebumps.


Picturesque Valley

A few km ahead of Manali, on the way to Old Manali is the place from where you can see river originating from Pin Parvati range, from where you can see the snow-capped peaks and way to Rohtang Pass, where there is no tourist crowd, no busy streets like mall road, only the nature in its purest form. Halt here, sit on the banks of the river and capture the beautiful landscape in your heart – There is nothing more romantic than sitting and doing nothing on the riverside.


Its all about the food

The idea of eating in clumsy and crowded four walls is not what you are looking for? Then take at least one meal in the local roadside restaurant that not only offers you the best indigenous delicacies but also the feel of eating in mountains. Try Momos in Manali. These hot and spicy dumplings will be your perfect partner while mercury is dropping in evenings and don’t get surprised if rain accompanies you.


Walking on the road down Manali, look around for local shops selling cherries, Apples, peaches, and strawberries. Believe me, this is the real flavor, what we have had till now was all artificial.



You will find many great places to eat in old Manali, One of them is The Lazy Dog Café. One side is your table and on other is the river. This café serves the best of pasta, rolls, and mocktails.



Love bakery snacks? Hop to German bakery for the yummiest of Choco-Eclairs, pastries and rum cakes.



Kullu shawls are famous for their quality and the fine designs that they carry. Visit Kullu to witness the process of weaving these beautiful handmade shawls almost in every home.



“Visit Manali and Try Escapism”
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