6 Amazing things to do in Coorg

6 Amazing things to do in Coorg

Coorg is truly known as Scotland of India. A mist all around and greenery at its best is found at Coorg. It is known for best of its coffee plantation and indigenous wine. We have curated a list of activities that will enable you to experience Coorg like a local.

You can reach this magical place from Bangalore by taking a bus from KSRTC Bus stop. It takes 7-8 hours from Bangalore to reach Madikeri (Coorg).

Madikeri is an excellent hill station in the state of Karnataka. The place is loaded with a considerable measure of fun and it never leaves stock with regards to things that you can explore here. From waterfalls to tombs of the old architecture, this small town has a ton of assortment. The best part about Madikeri is, that regardless of what your interests are this place will offer you a quality ordeal out and out, so it obliges distinctive individuals with various interests.

Namdroling Monastery for A peace seeker

Madikeri has one of the most peaceful places in the world yes it is a Tibetian Monastery. Here is a temple where an 18m statue of Buddha which is plated with all gold. You can visit here with maps in hand and surely acknowledge the beauty of the place. People pacify themselves by meditating here and it is quite peaceful and tranquil.

Trivia: Take a local map along with you

Tip: Hire a bike/ scooter to explore Coorg in a better way.

Experience the Mighty Madikeri Fort

A history lover can find this beauty in Coorg. A majestic fort Built in the 17th century made of mud was built by Raja Maddu. The gigantic monument has a church, a temple, a prison and a museum. Offering a perfect location for you to shoot a panorama of the city, two fascinating mortar elephants welcome you at the entrance of the fort.

Trivia: It is open on all days of the week except Monday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Tip: A sunset at this place is something that you don’t want to miss.

Chelavara Falls: A hidden treasure

A bike and a map are all you need to visit these falls. 44 km from Madikeri and close to my heart for its unmatched beauty.  While driving to this place you will be welcomed with steep roads and confusing diversions. After you have reached the point where vehicles are parked, you will have to trek down a little for 15 minutes; now you are at the most memorizing place of this hill station. Chilled water and mist all around welcome you at Chelavara Falls.

Trivia: Wear sports shoes as it is slippery while you walk down.

Tip: Wear raincoat if you are planning to go on a bike. As it might rain anytime on the way.

Raja’s Seat

A seat that describes the royalty and depicts the beauty of the valley. You can see the entire valley, sun setting in the foggy hills and rainbow giving a salutation to the clouds. It has majestic seat and a large garden maintained very well. Right in the middle of the city is this place and can take you a getaway from the hustle bustle of the town. Outside this monument are a few local shops that sell Coorg’s special coffee, wine, honey etc.

Trivia: It is open from 6 am to 8 pm.

Tip: It is a place where kids enjoy, so take ample time for it.

Four wheeler ride to Mandalpatti

An adventure seeker is you will love a visit to Mnadalpatti. Tourist vehicles are allowed only till a point from where you need to take a local cab driven by area expert drivers. The cab takes you through narrow roads and hairpin bends to a hill which is incredibly beautiful. When you reach there, you might be welcomed with crazy winds blowing and fierce showers of rain.

Trivia: Take a wind-cheater/ raincoat along with you

Tip: Visit Mandalpatti during daytime to enjoy the place fully.

Some blessings at Bhagamandala temple

This place is a home to many deities and it attracts a lot of tourists. Located 22KM from the city center, this place is located near the river Cauvery. The best part about this place is, that is made in the Kerala style of architecture.

Nagarhole National Park

Rajiv Gandhi National Park is locally known as Nagarhole National Park. It is a wildlife reserve in the western side of Karnataka. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, backed by the Brahamagiri Mountains and has enormous sandalwood and teak trees.

The free-flowing Kabini River escapes through the lush landscapes. It is a home to tigers, Asian elephants and a variety of birds.

Trivia: Plan an early morning jungle ride to spot animals.

Tip: Wear sports shoes to be comfortable and sturdy in muddy terrain.

Best time to visit Coorg: June to September to experience monsoon at its best.

Coorg is not just a hill station but a paradise for the people of all ages and interests. While the train bookings are open for the rainy season, login to your account and book tickets for Coorg this monsoon.

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