Grahan: A Night Under The Stars.

Grahan: A Night Under The Stars.

When you go 14 km ahead of Manali and you reach the place where serenity is at its best and the experience is unmatched. Grahan is a small village showcasing the Himachali culture and a mesmerizing campsite. With lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains and numerous waterfalls nearby; Grahan makes your day perfect.

Nights are even more heavenly when you can actually spot Milky-way galaxy along with constellations from every corner of this fairyland. Make the best out of it while staying at a home-stay, eating the local food and soaking your soul in a bonfire on a chilly night.

No pain No gain stands right for Grahan

The way to Grahan is a three to four-hour trek – depending on your speed, persistence and the number of breaks you take – from Kasol, the nearest village accessible to the world outside. Walking on foot is the only way to get to the place. This piece of land is beautiful, indeed – but the trek to the place is a tale in its own surreal taste. Its beautiful temple, clear sky and sweet corn soup made locally is bliss to soul and eyes.

Life in this godly village is still far from technology and developments of the real world; you will find healthy cows grazing on meadows, natural stream of water to drink, sun to get the required warmth and wooden houses to retire for the day.

If you want some peace and rest from your urban life then this is the ultimate getaway for you. If you want to peep into the culture of Himachal then Grahan is your calling and if you think mainstream traveling isn’t your cup of tea then book your tickets right away; Grahan awaits you!

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A Company Secretary by qualification and a traveler by passion. An urge to see new places and meet diverse people stimulates me to travel more because life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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