Winter Packing Tips- Stay Stylish and warm..!

Winter Packing Tips- Stay Stylish and warm..!

After my winter trip to Auli, I keep getting questions like- what to take with us on a winter holiday? Which jacket will be fine? What else would we need apart from woolens? How to fit into the baggage allowance of airplanes? Etc.

And, yes I admit that it is really tough to decide what to keep and what to leave, so I have made a quick list of life-saving hacks that helped me get through my fears. Let’s check these super easy tips-

  • Invest in a lightweight jacket

    I had chosen none other than Decathlon for my winter shopping (Rs 1499), Number 1- they sell quality products, Number 2- They maintain reasonable pricing. So my 1st purchase from Decathlon was my black jacket that goes for 0 to -10 degrees. And of course, it went well when I was in -14 but with thermals and fleece (again from decathlon)

  • One boot for all

    There are two rules for picking up the right boots, one is the size- always wear woolen socks and then try shoes and another one is to check the sole. If the sole is sturdy and has some lines/figures, it will give you a good grip on the snow as compared to the ones that are flat and plain at the bottom. I bought my grey colored boots from London Carlton for Rs 2000.

  • Black Pants for the resque

    If you don’t know how many pants to take along, remember your black pants are your best friend after blue denim. If you have these, you can spend at least a week.

  • Small travel bottles

    Remember that 100 ml rule of the airplanes? Don’t carry the entire bottle of your favorite shampoo, shower gel or lotion. You might be asked to remove them from your cabin luggage as I threw my favorite Banana shampoo on Changi Airport. And the bigger bottles are heavier too. Buy little silicon bottles, they are easily available or buy miniatures of your favorite toiletries.

  • Woolen Socks

    Don’t forget to buy long woolen socks, they will protect your feet from getting wet with snow and they will ensure warmer feet, who don’t need them? I bought bright turquoise socks from Decathlon(Price Rs 399) and they were super warm and were highlighting my overall looks. BTW are you afraid of losing one of the socks? Why not put one into another and keep them safe till you use them? And, don’t forget those gloves..!

  • Quick drying t-shirts

    Going in snow and not playing with it- isn’t it unfair? You don’t need to be scared of getting wet and catching a cold if you have a quick-drying Tshirt. I have two of them, again one from Decathlon for Rs 399 and another from Performax for Rs 499. Plus, these are lightweight and lesser space occupying, good deal right?

  • Warm leggings

    Your savior when mercury is dropping in the mountains. Invest in good thermal leggings which are comfortable and lightweight, so that you can wear these beneath your pants. I have them in rose gold shade from Jockey International Collection. They will cost you around 700 Rs and they are the best thermal lowers I have ever used, super warm and feels like your second skin.

  • Where is your cap?

    A monkey cap is so old-fashioned and you will end up looking like an ape if you wear them. Try new age cap which will not only provide warmth to your ears, head, and neck, but will keep you photo-ready. I  found these on Amazon for Rs 280. PS: my favorite yellow cap from Decathlon for Rs 299.

  • Wear your coat on the plane

    Yes, a bright colored trench coat is all you need to look stylish. But is the baggage allowance your problem? Just wear in on top of your airport attire or carry it in your hand, because you can’t miss upon on those Instagram-worthy pictures right?

  • Sensitive ears? Ear band is a must.

    For all those who don’t know me, I have super-sensitive ears. I am crying in all my childhood pictures taken at hill stations because my ears just can’t stand the cold winds. So if you can relate to my story, don’t think twice before buying an ear band. These are available in many shapes, sizes, and shades. I am still using my 4-year old ear muffs bought from Manali, but you will find them easily on Amazon.

    Some Pro Tips-

  • Wear your boots in the airplane to avoid the weight issues.
  • Stay hydrated every time in the mountains, else you will feel dizzy due to lack of oxygen level.
  • Carry a small backpack, you never know when you make an impromptu plan to go on a short trek, as we did after reaching Auli. So be prepared for it.
  • Carrying some camphor helps when the oxygen level is low and you gasp for breath.
  • A small pack of vaseline will keep your skin safe from the harsh weather, but you can’t replace it with a sunscreen. (Buy minimum SPF 50 as you tend to harm your skin more in the snow)\
  • Did I forget mirrored sunglasses? They look super cool in the snow, buy a pair of these and stand out in your pictures.
  • Lastly, have fun in the mountains, play a lot with snow, enjoy sliding, but don’t litter there. We need to be the guardians of our planet, not the destroyers.

About Author: Aastha

A Company Secretary by qualification and a traveler by passion. An urge to see new places and meet diverse people stimulates me to travel more because life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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    Thanks @Shashankpurohit69 for your kind words..!

  3. Atulmaharaj

    These are some helpful tips indeed. I haven’t been to a snowy place yet but these would help on my future trips.

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    Superb and uesful tips for a better voyage everytime.Author’s suggestion is appreciable.

  5. Aastha Maheshwari

    Thanks SocialMaharaj, its a pleasure to get such words from you..:)

  6. Aastha Maheshwari

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