Romancing in the rainforests of Wayanad..!

Romancing in the rainforests of Wayanad..!

I have a love story to share, but it is not the usual rom-com with a fairy tale ending; it is straight out of real life, with hairpin bends, uneven roads, foggy mornings, and cold nights. 

Winters of 2018 took me to Kerala’s least populous and most gorgeous district, Wayanad. This best-known secret of God’s land is surrounded by misty mountains, evergreen rainforests, perennial rivers, and stunning waterfalls. Heaven in the South Indian peninsula, this quaint district is famed for its dense forests, wildlife parks, and unspoiled nature, and invites holidaymakers from all ages and walks of life. 

Wayanad is an ideal weekend getaway from Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. I wanted to spend a 3-day long weekend in an aloof destination, and what could be better than Wayanad? Took a flight to Karipur Airport (Kozhikode) and a short ride to Vyithiri, and guess what- a flash of fresh air with mist and fog welcomed me. 

My abode for the vacation was a local resort with its own organic garden and was located on a mountain on the edge of The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Chirping birds, jumping Malabar Giant, and the sight of rare Lion Tailed Macaque are not very rare in this lush forest.

Apart from enjoying the stay in the wilderness, I chose to explore the nearby areas of Wayanad. On this list, Kalpetta was my first stop. Kalpetta is a small town where you will find local restaurants and the majority of the resorts. It is the center point to witness the best of Wayanad, such as lakes, waterfalls, and tea gardens. Situated in Kalpetta; Meenmuthy Waterfalls fall from a height of 984 feet and are the second-highest falls in Kerala. They are three-tiered falls where tourists need to take a soft trek of 2 km and offer fascinating views of the mountains, deciduous forests, and phenomenal waterfalls. The last part of the trek is done while holding the rope and maintaining balance on the slippery rocks, creating adrenaline flush in every adventure seeker.  

After a hike and exhilarating experience of waterfall trekking, I chose to halt at ‘1980s- A nostalgic restaurant’ that serves authentic Kerala meals in a retro-style ambiance. 

It’s the time for Sulthan Bathery, another town in the mountainous region of Wayanad. It is home to magnificent temples dating back to the 18th century; Jain Temple, Ganapati Temple, and Mariyamman Temple. A day can be well-spent praising their intrinsic carving and incredible structures.

Wayanad is a place that has a number of things to experience rather than explore. Those staying close to Vythiri are sure to experience the zero-pollution environment, enjoy nature hikes to the tea plantation, and savor the meals prepared from the locally grown spices and vegetables. 

If you’re in Kerala, I am sure you’d want to replace your normal drinking water with Pathhimukham (Sannowood-infused water). It is a detox drink prepared and consumed warm, I named it Rose Gold Drink for its color, and is served in wine glasses.

Top Things to do in Wayanad- 

  1. Trek to Chembra Peak
  2. River rafting in Anoth River
  3. Forest camping
  4. Bird watching
  5. Safari in Bandipur National Park

Recommended Resorts in Wayanad- There are many hotels and resorts in Wayanad. You can select as per your preference and budget. Accommodation in Wayanad includes from hotels, resorts, hostels, and homestays.

Wayanad Wild, CGH Earth, Wayanad, Kerala
Nature defines the living experience here. Wayanad Wild is close to the edge of the forest reserve where greens appear unbounded. It offers an unmatched luxury amidst the lush landscape. With a variety of local and multi-cuisine dishes, world-class facilities, an infinity pool facing the forest, and a spa center- you will get everything you want to make your stay worth remembering.

Vyithiri Mist Resort
Nestled in a zero pollution zone, it is an ideal resort to experience the wilderness. Starting from its infinity pool, organic garden, a restaurant serving local food, and cozy rooms; this resort is an inclusive package.

Wayanad is an ideal way to break the monotony of urban routine and take a breather in the lap of nature. I am sure my affair with Wayanad will give you a spring in your step. 

About Author: Aastha

A Company Secretary by qualification and a traveler by passion. An urge to see new places and meet diverse people stimulates me to travel more because life is not meant to be lived in one place.