Take a trip to Cebu

Take a trip to Cebu

Words by Prerana Nawal

Cebu is a calm and composed, and equally splendid island province in Philippines. This magnificent city is walled by beaches, coral atolls, islands and fishing grounds. It is very aptly known as ‘The Gateway to a Thousand  Journeys’.

Beautiful Lambug beach, Cebu, Philippines

Attractions of the destination :-

Kawasan Canyoneering –

This is a venturesome activity that begins in the mountain area of Badian and ends in the Kawasan falls.

If you crave for a reckless experience, then Cebu Canyoneering is a Must-To-Do act for you.

Have a seamless experience with our tour package.

Join us for a spectacular and refreshing affair of canyoneering that includes hiking, water rafting, climbing and jumping off falls.

Oslob Whale Shark Confront –

To encounter whale shark in itself is a matchless experience.

Extremely safe to dive in and swim along with the giant ones as these don’t attack humans.

1-2 hours is the average time allowed people for this breathtaking experience.

Have an unforgettable encounter with Whale Sharks with us.

Pescador Island Hopping –

If you are willing to confront an underwater affair and explore the underwater beauty of nature, then this must be there in your bucket list.

It hardly takes 2-3 hour drive from Cebu city to Badian which would be quite easeful with us.

This activity will let you swim along with some marine creatures like frogfish, sea fans, turtles, corals and many more.

Kawasan Falls –

One can witness a great deal of waterfalls in Cebu, the most famous being Kawasan Waterfalls. It is the most crowded fall, so you have to be an early bird if you want to enjoy more.

It’s parking area is located right off of the Santander Highway. One can easily reach out there either by private vehicles or by public mode of transport. Rooms are easily available at the base of the falls.

Tumalog Falls –

It’s just 2.5 hours from and towards the South of Cebu and a 10-minutes’ drive from Oslob Whale Shark visit.

It’s not that astonishing but definitely one of the most magnificent waterfalls from South Cebu.

Just a small walk to reach here is totally worth as it is highly refreshing. Soak your feet for approx. 20 minutes for a natural foot spa.

Dao Falls –

These are one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Cebu, consisting of a fascinating swimming hole at the end. One shall not miss witnessing the same. The hike to the falls is one of the prettiest in the city. Same as Kawasan, there are lodges/hotels for a stay here as well.

Binalayan Waterfalls –

Although it’s not as impressive and popular as the other falls cliff jumping here, is great fun. Binalayan falls are just 5 km south of Dao falls.

However, the trail is well-trodden, flat and short but one can experience the fun of tyreswing.

Aguinid Falls –

These are not only glorious but spunky as well as to get to. You’ll hike up a waterfall and crawl behind another to reach here.

You can witness a good mix of relaxing, swimming and adventurous hiking and a perfect place to click and get clicked.

It’s less than a kilometer away from Binalayan Waterfalls. Undoubtedly, it has been the most popular fall after Kawasan since years. 

Religious Pilgrimage –

Apart from the natural beauty, the city also has some iconic churches, such as :

Basilica Minore del Santo Nino,

Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu,

Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod,

Redemptorist Church,

St. Therese Church and other churches reveal the real side of Cebu. One really gets eternal peace in these majestic churches and the soul gets refreshed.

Simulog festival-

If one plans to visit Cebu and desired to witness any of its festivals then January is the best month to choose, as the largest festival of Philippines, Sinulog , is held every third Sunday of January (to pay homage to the child Jesus) and the celebration lasts for nine days, witnessing the Sinulog Grand Parade on the final day. 



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