Hippie Destinations in India

Hippie Destinations in India

When we talk about hippie culture, cool cafes, flowing liquor and trance music is what comes to our mind. Although India is known for its reserved culture but from past few years there are places that have come with hippie culture to allure tourists from different parts of globe.

Top 5 destinations to find Hippie Culture in India

Goa: Party by the Bay; is the place that tops the chart in party culture and where most of the foreigners seeking beach party culture head to. The topmost party places in Goa that offer trance music and Raves are Hilltop at Vagator, Curlies at Anjuna, Tito’s Lane in Baga, etc. Apart from marijuana and liquor what you can try is locally made cashew beer known as Fenny. The sunny side of life awaits you with best of tattoo studios, happening cafes and beach festivals. Watch out café Thallassa and Shiva’s Shack to enhance your Goan Experience and don’t miss out hippie clothes and accessories from famous Night Flea Market at Anjuna.

Kasol: the Weed Garden of India; when the mercury drops in but the music and stuff is high to move not just your bodies to the beat but also your soul in the aura of Kasol. The 3rd Eye Kasol Music Festival every year can take you even higher with Israeli tourists coming in a large number. Cafes like Mama Café, Moon Dance Cafe and Buddha Place will make feel completely drenched in hippie culture. Also a must try in Kasol is Hash Brownies and a desserts at German Bakeries.

Pushkar: Divine in Dessert; a holy place with a sunset point in the lap of Aravali range, a serene lake, rooftop restaurants and vibrant colors in the landscape are offered to you when you are in Pushkar. The land of sand dunes provides for camping, Rajasthani folk events and desert safaris. Places to visit include baba Roof Top Café, The Laughing Buddha café, Funky Monkey etc. You will find numerous shops where you can buy funky clothes and similar stuff on Badi Basti lane. Hand-painted glow in dark t-shirts from this market are popular souvenirs amongst foreign tourists. Delicacies you don’t want to miss are Malpua at Laxmi Chowk, kadhi kachori and daal baati on roadside dhabbas.

Varkala: the Hippie in South; Papanasum Beach is another name for the place of Sun, Sand and Red Cliffs. Kerala is not only known as God’s own country, but also for that heavenly feel. The best of yoga sessions and ayurvedic massages you get at Varkala. Enjoy scrumptious Tibetian meals at Lhasa, Hungry Eye and authentic coffee at Coffee Temple. Consider Varkala Marine Palace, Clafouti Beach Resort or Magnolia Guesthouse for staying like locals.

Malana: Satan in Himalayas; Also known as hub of hippies in India, Malana is situated at an altitude of 3029 meters in Himachal Pradesh attracts those who are looking for Hippie culture in India. This tiny village has gained popularity for its free spirited culture and its Greek origin as it was founded by Alexandra. While in Malana, Halt at Muzik Cafe for a warm chillum and a mug of beer. Mind it that you will have to climb snow to reach to this place during winters. Malana offers several home stays to stay local and restaurants to eat local.

Go Trippie and Get Hippie..!

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