Madhavpur Beach : Why visit Tasmania when you have one in India..!

Madhavpur Beach : Why visit Tasmania when you have one in India..!

Tired of sitting back at home this vacation ?

Looking for a perfect weekend getaway in Gujarat ?

Then your search ends here at Madhavpur Beach..  Pack your bags.. Fuel up your Car and head towards this Wonder of Arabian Sea .

Reaching Madhavpur : You will love to drive on the Glass like roads of Gujarat – 401 kms from Ahmedabad , 635 from Surat and 60 kms from Porbandar.

Best time to go – Not in summers : July to March are best to go.

Where to stay : Madhavpur ghed , Veraval and Porbandar are good options to stay.

India is known for its beautiful coastline of approx 7500 kms.. but some 19.6 kms of Madhavpur is no less than unrevealed and unexplored paradise on Earth..

Azure blue water.. Millions of migratory birds , greenest of grass oneside and one scorching SUV on Coastal Highway makes this roadtrip an enrapturing experience. The stunning beach presents a landscape that is hard to compare with anything else. Sandy beach with coconut trees lining it is ethereal and transports you to an all together different world.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna married Rukmini right here in Madhavpur. This belief is kept alive through the holding of a fair every year. This is held on Chaitra Sud 12th day and a Shrimad Bhagwad discourse by Mahaprabhuji who takes the seat that had been occupied by Shri Vallabhacharya that runs for a week is held concurrently each year, making it a complete trip for those interested in religious discourses and events.


Turtles here.. Turtles there…Turtles everywhere…

Madhavpur beach, which made news recently for Tropex-2009 military exercise, has another claim to fame. It is home to a two-decade long conservation project of Green Sea and Olive Ridley turtles: both endangered marine species included in Schedule-1 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.According to the Forest department, over 10,000 baby turtles have been safely released in the Arabian Sea this year.Ever since the conservation work began nearly 20 years ago, around 2 lakh baby turtles have been released into the sea.

The beach has a hatchery established by the department where turtle eggs are nested.The eggs are collected from nests along the 70-km long coastline between Loyeg and Porbander and kept in incubators, in a bid to save them from stray dogs, pigs and jackals.

Plan your visit accordingly if you are a nature and turtle lover..

Dangerous Coast :Madhavpur

Thinking to have some water fun in Madhavpur ? Drop the idea immediately.. Madhavpur Beach is one of the wildest beach of India.. Some things are meant to be seen and felt.. Not to dive into..

Roaring Waves and Slipping mud will not allow you to soak yourself in the serene waters..  

Tasmania Vs Madhavpur

Dolphin Sands (tasmania)

Madhavpur Beach , Isnt it Similar ?

Adding more to our exotic location : swirls by the roadside…Windmills

Also known as Land of Windmills – Gujarat has this spectacular view of hundreds of Windmills while you drive to Madhavpur..

Natural Footspa..

When these chasing waves touch your creates a chill in your spine. Madhavpur is waiting more of its travellers that add to its beauty and glorifies it all the more.

Plan one of your long weekends..Monsoon isnt far.. So is Madhavpur….!


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A Company Secretary by qualification and a traveler by passion. An urge to see new places and meet diverse people stimulates me to travel more because life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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  1. Rani

    Well-done Aastha for all information about new Beach of India I appreciate you because this Beach is not famous and no one think about this but now nature lovers definitely plan to enjoy this beauty in various thanks allot

  2. Red Rex

    Nature is beautiful every where in this world….what makes different us society n ppl around that place including safety n security of environment and availability of facilities n freedom….hope u n v all to understand this…… Truly we hv grt places in our country to visit…..

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