The girl who eats her lipstick

The girl who eats her lipstick

If you are thinking, who eats that little red-bud of chemicals? Then you must look around at that girl, who gets tripped off her heals, or is not a typical touch-me-not girl. She hardly knows how to look beautiful all the times. She is better seen in her shorts and T-shirt.

Well, the question is why are girls being generalized as the tantrum-making dolls and not the ‘Let’s do it’ kind of a person? Why a girl has to fall under the category of being soft and decent, show all the feminism of the world and remain in her aura of delicacy? Come on, some of them can’t put their eye-liners straight, eat all of their lipstick with food, and put on their sneakers with every outfit. Aaaaah, you meant a tom-boy, I call her a strong girl.

A girl that doesn’t think twice to share that bro-code with her male friends, talk to them on every possible topic and is not afraid of being the only female in her friends’ group. What do you call that little clumsy friend of yours, whose hair is roughly tied in a bun and not carefully pleated? Your ‘The Most Reliable Friend’? (Yeah that’s what you learn when you go to a co-ed school, right?)

Now to add more, there comes a species of females that love to take adventures in life, be it riding that rapid roller-coaster, or signing up for real-life adventures such as trekking the mountains, camping in the tents or diving into the deep seas. With that high-level of adrenaline, these females are not-your-type of girls, remember they lack delicacy and that element of feminism. After all, what they do is not meant for the girls, they should ideally be saying -no, I can’t do this, my stamina doesn’t allow, or I feel scared, etc.

The purpose of writing this is to tell you, that not-so-delicate girl next door isn’t an alien or has some hormonal imbalance. She is the girl who is tough enough to face the adversities and bothers less about how womanly her appearance to the world is. She doesn’t give a damn to the people who tell her on her face- you have more of male energy, you are a man in a woman’s body, and you are too energetic to be called as a girl. It’s not about her overpowering testosterone levels or something, it’s about her choices in life. She never denies her roles and responsibilities as a woman, but at the same time, she chooses not to feel dominated by the choices and prejudices of our society. She chooses to break the stereotypes and live a life that’s not dictated by the rules that have been set for an ideal woman.

Stop judging her now..!
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