Hyatt Place Hampi: Safest hotel to stay in Hampi

Hyatt Place Hampi: Safest hotel to stay in Hampi

What do you expect your hotel stay to look like? A peaceful abode, luxury combined with privacy, or a place that’s safe during these unprecedented times? If all of these are the checkboxes in the list, Hyatt Place will tick them off and provide you an idyllic accommodation in Hampi. Situated in Vidhyanagar (Bellary), it is one of the best properties in the historic town of Hampi and is preferred by all sorts of holidaymakers. 

First things first 

Hyatt Place is following all the protocols directed by the government with respect to Covid-19 and is going an extra mile to keep their guests and staff safe and healthy. 

Their sanitization process starts with the luggage assembly itself, gone are the days when someone used to assist you with your luggage till the reception area. Now you have to bring your bags to the sanitization point and a dedicated team will carefully disinfect your bags and then transfer them to your room. Hand baggage checking at the entry gate- not anymore, the new age entry point is temperature and O2 levels checking. 

Hello, hotels! Welcoming with a drink looks incomplete as the welcome kit includes sanitization wipes, masks, gloves, and a bottle of sanitizer; of course with a glass of cool drinks, cheers..!

COVID Protocols in place

Swipe, swipe but read before you swipe..!

There’s a cute tag mentioning that the room has been sanitized for every guest checking in. Your health and safety is the primary concern for the staff here.

A luxurious getaway..!

Plush bedding, a super cozy couch, multifunctional desk, TV set, private patio with outdoor furniture, and a lot of snacks (packed carefully and untouched by bare hands)- what else do you need? But wait, is a hotel stay complete without a swimming pool? No, it isn’t, and when you walk down the patio that opens to the private pool filled and cleaned only for you and your beloved guests; elysian is the term..! I was on my girls’ trip with my bestie and I feel so happy to have chosen Hyatt Place as we could have moments of utmost relaxation here.

Pamper yourself

Take a long shower in their large bathrooms provided with premium toiletries or take a dip in the private pool- the choice is yours. If you’re staying with kids, they won’t leave the poolside. Also, the organic garden with swings made up of old-recycled material is a perfect place to spend evenings. The in-house fitness studio welcomes all the fitness enthusiasts who don’t compromise on their workout schedule and the ones who love gaming- recreation zone is all set to entertain them. Wait are you a bibliophile and your idea of a perfect vacation has books in it, Hyatt has a library and cute reading area where you can read a book, lounge, or just spend some time with your friends/ family.

Food and drinks

If you think you can simply walk into the restaurant and order your favorite meals, you’re not mistaken here. Get your temperature checked, have a mask in place, and then enjoy ala carte meals, but if you’re a buffet person you can avail that as well. Hyatt offers a range of options starting from South Indian to North Indian, Italian to Chinese, Mexican to fast food, etc. Chaat lovers, you’ll find the most hygienic chaat and street food in Hyatt Place Hampi. Did you just say you’re a breakfast person? If yes, you can’t miss upon their Thatte Idly and corn chutney- I bet you won’t regret trying the combo.  

So your question- where to stay in Hampi is well answered with Hyatt Place Hampi. Make your bookings now

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