A Retreat To Your Soul And Eyes: Raanjan Hills Resort, Mulshi

A Retreat To Your Soul And Eyes: Raanjan Hills Resort, Mulshi

After driving for two hours from Pune , we reached one of the most beautiful resorts near Pune : Mulshi. A wonderful place hidden in verdant surroundings, the Mulshi Dam is a lush green place and far from the regular crowd and regular dam area is Raanjan Hills Resort: A perfect getaway from Pune.

The resort is best during monsoons when the views are mesmerising, although sunny days offer clearer skies and a sparkling blue lake from every corner of the resort. The property has surroundings that lets you go for trekking, bird-watching or just take photos. Youngsters can find thrill when they are in a group and a lot of fun comes along , the peace seeking elders will find the place too relaxing for the price they will pay for.

As soon as you reach the resort you get to feel as if you have been alienated from the hustle bustle of city life and you have entered a heavenly aura and I mean it. It has a mesmerising effect on your mind. The place will leave a long lasting effect on your heart.  Don’t just go by my words refer pictures.

Friends , Family or Your corporate off-site: It is the best place in  a great budget! Book a room or the entire resort for your next family get-together and your people will love it.

Or planning a picnic for your employees ? Don’t even think twice before booking this resort.

If you wake up to the alarm setup by chirping birds and sound of waterfalls is something that won’t come your way everyday. Come experience it at this property in Mulshi.

When you take your breakfast in a balcony that opens straight to the view of several waterfalls dropping into the river nothing like it.

You get a chance to take a bath in a waterfall right inside the resort (Mind it that’s a natural one and not man made) , A natural spa is waiting to drench you from within.

There is a dance floor (With a great music system to set your spirits high) where you can dance till you are dead tired and take your drinks alongside

And to retire for day to have warm bonfire place ready for you ; A group of a few singers, A Guitar and this fire to keep you going.

A cherry on the cake is that they have the provision of outdoor sleeping.. Yes you got it right that you can ‘sleep under the stars‘ but in your large terrace like balcony that has enough place to put mattress down and a fan in ceiling.

Coming to the luxurious rooms of Raanjan Hill Resort in Mulshi: They have 6 large rooms with a beautiful suite. All the rooms are beautifully designed and have the valley view from their balconies. Very cosy and spacious they are.

The in-house restaurant in Raanjan offers scrumptious food with a wide variety served with love to your plate. The staff here is very cooperative and ready on a call even at midnight. Honestly I couldn’t find a single flaw that I can state for this place.

What do you need to rejuvenate yourself? A cut-off from mechanized world right ? RAANJAN HILLS has it all to energise you , to swing your soul high and to set your mind calm. Mulshi isnt that far from PUMBAI (Pune & Mumbai).

To book the resort visit: http://raanjanhills.com/booking/

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