Saputara- A misty delight in Gujarat

Saputara- A misty delight in Gujarat

If you think the plains of Gujarat have nothing to travel and see, then you should put Saputara on your list now. Situated 400 km from Ahmedabad and 256 km from Mumbai, it is well-connected by road and train. Saputara is a small town in the district of Dang and is almost on the foothills of Sayhadris in the South. It is best to be visited during monsoons, as the state wears a green blanket and the mercury is also balanced offering pleasant vibes.

Top things to do in Saputara-

1) Visit Gira Falls– Falling from a height of 75 ft, this waterfall is a 30-metre wide natural drop into the Ambica River. With the arrival of the monsoon season, these falls experience a heavy water flow. As you go closer to the falls, you can feel the mist and droplets with strong winds. It’s a perfect spot for a day picnic. Alongside the falls you will find snack shops, local handicraft shops, and a restaurant.

Trivia- Be ready to walk 500-metres to reach the falls.

2) Sunset by the Jain Temple– Call me an opacarophile (a lover of the sunset) for the love of sight where the sun meets the horizon, merges with the hills or embraces snow-laden mountains. At this point, you will see the sun getting merged with a lake, hills, and a dense forest.

Trivia- It becomes super windy here and the stones are slippery. Stay safe.

3) Table Point– If you want to see the convergence point of Gujarat and Maharashtra, then this point is a must. I am sure you will be stunned by the gorgeousness. Here you will also find a Gandola ride- a great experience for kids.

Trivia- There is an uphill hike that should be done in shoes.

4) Saputara Lake– One of the most touristy and frequented places of the hill station; this lake is the iconic spot. Come here for boating, a cycle ride, or just stroll alongside the lake- it’s a blissful experience. You will find local snacks, artifacts and games for kids here.

Trivia- Carry an umbrella at all times if you’re visiting Saputara during the monsoon.

5) HorseShoe Bend– If you think only Arizona has the horseshoe bend, that’s because you haven’t seen the HorseShoe Bend of Saputara. It is the spot where River Ambika takes a stunning turn leaving tourists spellbound. It is one of the most picturesque sights on the hill station.

Trivia- This spot is quite secluded and has almost no restaurants/places to eat, so pack your meals well in advance.

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